Saturday, September 19, 2015

How Wonderful!

It has been over a week since I returned home from being with Master Sha and the Tao Chang room. I cannot begin to tell you how I felt as I left for Maui. Sad to be leaving, but grateful to have been there.

I tried to stay in connection with the Tao Field and in alignment with Master Sha by continuously chanting, but we all know that it is not quite the same as when you are in His presence and in the Tao Field.  It is like being in heaven and going back to mother earth.

In the car ride home, I felt the tension and stress around me.  I kept on chanting, and thought to myself, "how wonderful!" I could actually feel the tension disappearing. How blessed I was to be able to use Master Sha's teachings and practices to be in connection with Him and the Tao Field.

Later, we were invited out to dinner before boarding our plane. I was served half-cooked taro, however, taro needs to be fully cooked, otherwise it could cause some allergic reactions. I bit into it, but the damage was already done.  My eyes started to tear. The left side of my face started to swell . My nose got blocked and my throat started tingling. Right away, I gave myself a healing and started chanting. Again I thought, "how wonderful!"  By the time I boarded the plane I felt almost back to normal.

So many things outside of the Tao Field happens.  Conversations, behaviors, and actions that are not in alignment with Master Sha or the Tao Field need not pull you down.  In fact, as I sit in their midst silently chanting, visualizing, and connecting with Master Sha and surrounding  myself with the Source Light, I feel that I actually can change the vibrational field around me. Some may feel it, some may not, but it is there.

If you can't have the best thing (which is being in Master Sha's presence and the Tao Field), then you can still do the next best thing, which is to connect with him and the Source.  This is a lesson that I relearn every day, and share with my grandchildren when I sense that negativity may be affecting their lives.  Knowing that we're always connected to the sacred teachings of Master Sha, we have the power to change any negative situation into a positive one.