Saturday, August 8, 2015

Great Things are Happening Everyday! We are Blessed!

Whenever I say that it cannot get any better than today, I find myself "eating my words."

I should know better by now.  When you are with Master Sha, his healing power and sacred wisdom that are given to us daily are beyond our comprehension and expectations.

Last night, he gets up on the stage and announces to us what he just received from the Source.  He never keeps these profound and sacred wisdom and  secrets to himself.
He always says he is humble servant of the Divine, Tao and Humanity.

The new Tao Source Yin-Yang Calligraphy healing power is beyond our imagination.
This calligraphy brings balance to our systems, organs, cells, DNA, RNA, and spaces between the cells. When everything is in balance our bodies, physical, emotional, mental,and spiritual bodies start to heal.

Immediately he offers this healing blessing to someone who is suffering from kidney failure and diabetes and draws a calligraphy for the participant.  He never keeps these secrets to himself.  His purpose of life is to serve.  Service is his life's mission.

This is exactly why I began studying with Master Sha in 2008.  I saw his love and compassion for everyone who needed a healing.  He would give of himself, without any concern for himself.  His actions truly represents what he teaches.  He simply wants to make people happier and healthy.

All of us need to be like Master Sha.  We need to  "practice what we preach."

What I witnessed last night was so profound and yet so simple.  "Da Tao zhi jian" which means the big way is extremely simple.

After he wrote the calligraphy we practiced together.  It was so much fun practicing, chanting, and tracing what he had just written.     Everyone in the hall was laughing, tracing, and chanting together. Healing was taking place as we were doing the practice.  There is a saying "laughter is the best medicine."

When you are laughing and practicing with Master Sha's Calligraphies, with the countless Saints, countless Saint's animals, Heaven's Temples, Tao Temples, and countless Treasures you cannot help but get healed.

How blessed we are!

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