Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How Blessed We Are

It is unbelievable how everyday gets better and better.  I feel like a child, thinking what other beautiful and wonderful things will happen today.

Our Spiritual Father, Master Sha is here in Hawaii and showering us with unbelievable gifts to uplift our souls.
Besides doing the evening events, he is training his Divine Channels  during the day with so much love, compassion, patience and encouragement.  I simply marvel at the way he teaches us.  He knows exactly what each child (Divine Channel) need.
 I realized that as a mother we teach our children so they can be self sufficient and go out into the world to become responsible citizens.    

Our dear beloved Master Sha walks with us every step of the way.  He teaches us withDa Ai (the greatest love) and Da Ci Bei (the greatest compassion.)  
Love and compassion also comes with hard teachings.  That IS his love and compassion for us.  He is saving us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. He is saving our soul Journey.

As a mother and grandmother I realize that in order to truly help your children and grandchildren it must first come from a place of Da Ai (the greatest love).    Master Sha teaches us to do everything with the greatest love.

How blessed I am to know this sacred wisdom.

Da Ai,
Master Annette


  1. Dear Master Annette, you are very blessed to be so close to beloved Master Sha. Thank you for sharing this. I would love to be in that place one day too. I am a mother also and I am in the age of a grandmother. I educate and teach children of other mothers. Today I bought a child about loving her body. I told her that sending love to a sour part, heals. I am so grateful, that I can teach things like that to children and to all souls. Thank you so much for your sharing. In love and gratitude, Gabriele

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