Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How Blessed We Are (Day 4- (8/5/15)

It is difficult to believe that everyday gets better and better, but it does, especially when you are with Master Sha.

I received The Guan Yin's Thousand Hands-Thousand Eyes Crown Chakra blessing from Master Maya last night, during Master Sha's Tao Miracle Healing event in Honolulu. There was so much love and compassion in Master Maya's voice as she chanted Guan Yin's teacher's name.

Words cannot express the extent of how I really felt. I have always resonated with Guan Yin. My heart was so touched, that I could not contain myself.

During the Soul Healing Cruise with Master Sha in 2013, I registered for the shifu program. Guan Yin was one of my shifus. I felt elated, and bowed down in gratitude that she had chosen me, so she could guide, teach, and support me on my spiritual journey with Master Sha.

To receive this blessing from Master Maya through the generosity of Master Sha I could feel Guan Yin's love and compassion coming to me at the most appropriate time. I know that I can overcome many obstacles now that Master Sha is here in Hawai`i, supplemented by Guan Yin's compassion. As I said before,    I am really blessed!

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