Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How Blessed We All Are!

Our first Sunday Divine Blessing with Master Sha live from Queen Kapiolani Hotel in Waikiki was incredibly powerful with profound teachings and healing from Master Sha, Master Pam and assisted by the other Divine Channels present.
I realized the huge impact these events in Hawaii will have in Hawaii and for the whole world.

Our first demo person, a psychologist, suffered from severe pain for 7 years due to an accident. After the healing blessings by Master Sha, Master Pam and the other Divine Channels present, his pain level went down from a 9/10 to 0.

He was so grateful that after the event he invited Master Sha to be the keynote speaker at their 10th anniversary for their World Peace & Non-violence Event on Oct, 2nd, 2015.

As Master Sha starts to heal many in the Hawaii events, I could visualize the ripple in the water as it spreads to the four corners of the earth announcing the surfacing of the Tao Grand Master and Miracle Healer of the world, Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha.

I could not contain my joy and excitement, and then I realized what a huge responsibility we as Divine Channels have, to help make Master Sha's purpose and mission materialize.

Master Sha has empowered me with so much and I have not yet awakened to this empowerment. I cannot bow down enough and apologize to him and to ask for his forgiveness. I am truly, truly sorry. I vow to work harder to complete my tasks, to serve humanity and all souls unconditionally. I promise to open my heart and soul to be more in alignment with my beloved Master Sha, the Divine and the Source.

The 2nd participant was a stage 2 cancer patient who was in a wheel chair. He has a difficult time walking because of un-stabilized blood pressure. After Master Sha's healing blessing, Master Sha asked if they could come back for more healing during our Aug. 3-7 evening events. The wife said she couldn't bring him back because she works and no one can bring him.

Hearing this, I felt that many times I am the same way. Master Sha was offering his love and compassion to save her husband's life and she could not "get it."

This is the same with all of us, Divine Channels. Master Sha gives his life to us so he can save our soul journey and our lives, but we don't "get it." We have not truly awaken to this, otherwise our alignment with him and our performance scores would be higher.

Every moment I spend with Master Sha, my heart and soul opens wider, and my purification escalates.

How blessed I am! I can only bow down in gratitude and say "thank you, thank you, thank you, and countless bow downs, countless bow downs, countless bow downs!"

Da Ai and Da Gan En,

Master Annette

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  1. Dear Master Annette, I look forward to seeing your blog on helping and empowering children through the power of soul. Love and blessings. Gloria K